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Charlie Andrews Captain of the


Jousting has been popular entertainment around the world for several Centuries.

The adrenaline rushing high speed collision of wood, man and metal is still as exciting and appealing today as it was a millennium ago.  Jousting contests, with Knights in shining armor, continue as popular entertainment , always drawing large crowds and thrilling families and fans of all ages.

Contact Charlie Andrews, World Jousting Champion and Fearless Leader of the Knights of Mayhemwith their spectacular team of war horses, entertain and thrill the crowds at yourevent.

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           This is what we call

​           full contact jousting! 

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Will Ride to "BACK THE BADGE"  in all competitions for 2016!!!!!

Charlie and his Knights Of Mayhem instantly stir up excitement among the crowds, who watch with eager delight and anticipation from the edge of their seats. The Knights put on an incredible show and afterwards the fans rush to meet their favorite Knight, get autographs, pictures and even a rose!

Fans are given an opportunity to take a ride on one of their well trained magnificent horses, led by the Captain of the war horses,  Jagermeister.

Everyone loves a Knight in Shining Armor, especially if that Knight is Charlie Andrews!

This is to honor all law enforcement who put their lives on the line for us everyday. The names of  the fallen officers will be added to my band. I ride in honor of their memory!

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Charlie Andrews