5/30 thru 6/2

Knights of Mayhem
Ultimate Jousing Event

Knights of Mayhem – The Show Debut

by admin on Thursday, November 3, 2011

Will full-contact professional jousting be the next extreme sport? For some, it is a real-life passion and thrives outside of the movies and Renaissance fairs. Charlie Andrews leads the “Knights of Mayhem,” a group of modern-day Lancelots and Galahads dedicated to transforming this medieval sport from a staged act to a professional sports phenomenon that will sweep the globe. For these “knights,” jousting is no dinner show. Donning 130 pounds of steel armor, they mount 2,000-pound horses and charge at each other with solid hemlock lances at speeds up to 30-mph, while peering through a quarter-inch eye slot in their helmets… Learn more about Jousting and read the Full Article at the National Geographic Channel Website.