Charlie Mason Andrews 

                                              Captain of The Knights of Mayhem 

Charlie Andrews is the Founder and Captain of The Knights of Mayhem and 12  time World Champion Heavy Armor Jouster, wining all of these tournaments on his faithful War Horse and best friend Jaeger.  

In his travels all over the world  Charlie has seen many things and like a true knight has taken up the crusade for causes that are near and dear to his heart.  He often rides for causes like Back the Badge during his jousting competitions.  Being a veteran himself Charlie is a strong supporter of our Military,  Charlie is currently in the process of becoming a PATH International certified instructor. He feels equine therapies benefit both veterans and special needs children. Having served in the military himself, he knows the power of horses in healing a soul.  Wounded veterans can benefit from horses in so many ways. Children steal Charlie’s heart and he has seen the benefits of equine therapy with special needs children,building confidence and strength.

Off the field, when the single father isn't spending time raising his children, he devotes he time to visiting children with life threatening illnesses in hospitals.






                                                                Eddie Rigney

Eddie the "Hit Man" Rigney,  been jousting for 5 years in his first two weeks of competitive jousting he was ranked number 2 in the ultimate jousting championships world standings. He represented the U.S.A competing at the largest tournament ever held in Europe last year and placed second against the top competitors from 21 countries



Brian Stephenson



                                                                   Robert Knight




                                                                    Ripper Moore

Ripper Moore has been jousting for over two decades. He has broken lances and emptied saddles all over the United States and Canada, and even down in Australia. He has competed against knights from the far corners of the western world and won multiple national and international championships. He was head coach for the Red Team in History's TV show Full Metal Jousting.



                                                                       Steve Weems



                                                                       Greg Boxma