Please remember that Knights of Mayhem does have the ability to participate in more than one event at a time, therefore if you see a date booked it does not mean that we are unable to accommodate your event also.


February 24th              Private Event

March 09-11th             Sonora Celtic Festival ~ Sonora, CA

March 24-25th             Lampoc Ren Faire ~ Lampoc, CA

April 21-22nd              Tulare County Ren Faire ~ Visalia, CA

April 28-29th               Escondido Ren Faire ~ Escondido, CA

May 05-06th                 Escondido Ren Faire ~ Escondido, CA

July 21-22nd                Central Coast Ren Faire ~ San Luis obispos, CA

August 04-05th            San Jose Ren Faire ~ San Jose, CA

August 24-26th            Utah Ren Faire ~ Lehi, Utah

September 22-23rd      Folsom Ren Faire ~ Folsom, CA

October 27-28th           Escondido Ren Faire ~ Escondido, CA

November 03-04th      Escondido Ren Faire ~ Escondido, CA

If you interested in having Knights of Mayhem at your event please fill out the request for services form.