Charlie Andrews

Captain of the

Knights Of Mayhem



`A Fearless song for a Fearless team!'

Another great band working with The Knights Of Mayhem as their headlining band at tournaments and events across the country. Entertaining everyone with a Rock and a Joust.

​​Cleveland Blues Music

Bam Bam Boom!

This talented band tailored their new song `Bam Bam Boom!' specifically for Charlie and Knights Of Mayhem for their ride-ins.  It was an instant hit with everyone and fitted in so perfectly with the team that it immediately became their theme song. 

Charlie Andrews, Captain of KOM took a special liking to it and it is now Charlie's personal ride-in song.

Charlie Andrews & The Knights of Mayhem 

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      KNIGHTS OF MAYHEMare the real deal, full contact, heavy armor jousters,

trained in medieval and renaissance war fare.  


Led by reigning World Jousting ChampionCharlie Andrews, and his foreboding

team of brave dominating knights which include MMA fighters, bull rider,

professional women jousters and pro sport athletes. 

KOM have appeared on a major television network, jousted and competed in 

thousands shows, events and competitions and are ready for another year


Aside from the competitions, many of the jousting events are held at Renaissance 

Fairs but they can testify that these performances are anything but a reenactment.

In a modern world of adrenalin fueled extreme sports, this ancient pastime is

looking to take the throne.  Charlie and his  KOMteam, undergo continuous and

intense trainingas they prepare to take full contact, heavy armor jousting from  

   predominating mainly at the renaissance fairs and into the arenas, making jousting a 

  full contact extreme pro sport.  Jousting aggressive and is a head on collision.

  It's a hard core, hard hitting, real sport.

KOMpractice a heavy armor style of jousting called Realgestech and what separates

Charlie's full contact style of jousting from all others, is the gear his Knights wear.

A special armored plate that acts as a target for the opponents lance and a grid that captures the lance, so your opponent received 100% of the blow. 


                                 Charlie has his own full time official 

        armorer for KOM, who is responsible for building

        and maintaining the various suits of armor used in

                                                                  their tournaments.

            The most important piece of kit, is the lance itself

                          11 feet long and made from solid hemlock.