Charlie Andrews & The Knights of Mayhem 

Charlie has worked with horses most of his adult  life and has used what he has learned and his love for horses to  successfully  start colts, work cattle and rope. His talent and gift of horsemanship has made him successful in  Hunter Jumper and Dressage Events. Charlie has worked with all breeds of horses from gaited horses to draft horses, he adapts his techniques to fit each horse.

 He understands that each horse is an individual and as a trainer you need to provide the right tools for each horse to learn.  He has trained his war horses to compete in full contact jousting.  He is an all around equestrian. 

Charlie's teaching methods have been effective with all ages and levels of experience  everyone leaves his clinics with a better understanding of horsemanship and more confidence in their own abilities. He is a teacher extraordinaire.

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Made of  Hard Steel and Sex Appeal!

A Brave TV Host Gives Charlie  A Challenge!

During a TV guest appearance on Australian TV's Today Show, Charlie was asked.... "Do You Think You Could Take Henry VIII Given The Chance?

His response was given in true Charlie Style and  included "Did You Really Just Ask That?"

CHARLIE ANDREWS ,  reigning World Champion of full contact and heavy armor jousting, is a powerful man with a powerful story

As Charlie says, "It all began, when one day I bought a suit of armor, got on my horse, picked up a big stick and started knocking fools off!"

Two men, in 130lbs of armor, on two war horses, traveling at 20mph and all colliding at the point of a 11ft lance. This is full contact jousting to which Charlie has dedicated his whole life, sacrificing everything along the way to become a World Jousting Champion.  This is the REAL thing, his life's passion. 

As a jousting World Champion, Charlie knows what it takes to win in jousting.

"You can be the biggest, baddest guy on earth but if you can't put that lance on point and hit the other guy on the target, you need to quit. The violence of a collision when the lance hits is insane".

"Jousting is not just a competition, or just a sport but in the old days it was used in medieval warfare.

Charlie's goal is to get jousting into stadiums across the continent and Put the sport back on the map and making it a professional extreme sport.


​​​CHARLIE ANDREWS -  Captain of The Knights Of Mayhem, World Jousting Champion, Crusader that supports causes such as; Back the Badge honoring the police force, Healing Veterans as well as improving the lives of Special Needs children through Equine Therapy, A True King of Hearts. He is a  renowned  equestrian, horse trainer and clinician. Charlie is fierce competitor and accomplished MMA Fighter. A real Modern day Gladiator 

         - THE ULTIMATE HERO  

Each year an open invitation jousting competition is held over 3 grueling event days, at Estes Park Colorado with only the best, bravest and most professional competitors entering.

In 2015, Charlie took 1st place as overall Number 1 Champion, by claiming the title of US/International Jousting Champion and reigning Heavy Armor Champion.

Charlie Andrews -Reigning World Jousting and Heavy Armor Champion 2014 AND 2015

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      All the Ladies love a `Knight In Shining Armor`!

Charlie is passionate about all of his horses but his devoted horseJagermeisterholds a special place in his heart.

Charlie has raised him since birth and they have been inseparable for 14 years. Jager has carried Charlie in all of his winning competitions and together they are an unbeatable team.

JAGERMEISTER  Captain of the KOM Horses and The Greatest War Horse that ever lived.

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​​​Jargermeister has carried Charlie in all his winning competitions and together they are an unbeatable team.

Charlie and Jager have competed together in over 1000 tournaments, events and competitions.

Renowned Equestrian and Clinician

Charlie keeps himself in shape as a World Champion by working out daily with weights and training in the arts of Muay Thai, and Jiu-jitsu, alongside continuing with his  MMA fights.