About the Knights of Mayhem

The knights of mayhem are Real Heavy-Armored Full-Contact Jousters trained in medieval and renaissance warfare. Lead by reigning Jousting Champion Charlie Andrews the group battles head on in order to take the sport away from theatrical stages and into the arena of legitimate athleticism, shining a light on the intense dedication and brutal training needed to survive this bone crushing sport.The Knights of Mayhem is the premier organization for Full-Contact Jousting. This is not a dinner show, these are NOT actors, the men that compete within the Knights of Mayhem are hardened athletes, former soldiers, football players, MMA fighters and Bull riders, all vying to carve out a piece of glory. The lances are real, the combat is real, the hits are real, and if you see an ambulance pull into the arena, it’s REAL. ┬áThe Knights of Mayhem mandates 8-12 gauge steel plated armor on all athletes, as well as utilizing only solid wood lances for competition, athletes must compete mounted on trained war horses.The Knights of Mayhem is a new reality series debuting on National Geographic Channel this Fall. ┬áThe TV show follows the Knights of Mayhem, namely Charlie Andrews, Captain of the “Knights” as they prepare for and compete in full-contact arena’s across the US.

Getting Ready

Charlie Andrews


Full-Contact Joust